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Travel Tools

Use Travel Tools to Make your Travel Experience Easier.

Alamo Travel offers you this section of our website with travel tools designed to help make your travel plans smoother. For example, you can you check for major delays due to bad weather conditions by clicking on the Flight Status Button. By entering your specific flight information, you will be able to learn about major delays or conditions at different airports.

When you click on the TSA (Travel Security Administration) Button, it will remind you of the limited quantities of liquids, aerosols and gels that you may carry on board the airplane and other TSA information.

The Airport Button allows you to view your airport’s website, which provides you with information about the airport and a map should you need to transfer from one gate to another.

When you click on Airlines Button, you will be able to go to your airlines’ website for check-in and flight information.

The City Guides Button will take you to a website that has information about 400 cities around the globe. You’ll want to use this button to learn about your destination such as its history, dining and entertainment venues, where to stay, recommended tours and fun facts.

When traveling abroad, you may find the U.S. Embassies Button helpful should you need assistance from an embassy, and if you are in a city where you need directions to the airport, the Direction to Airports Button will be helpful.

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